Dealing With Difficult People



We all have difficult people to deal with in our lives at times, whether it is colleagues, clients, family members or even our partner. Often the dynamic in the relationship has been established over a period of time and is difficult to change. We may find it hard to accept their behaviour because we cannot understand why they act or respond in the way they do towards us. This confusion makes it almost impossible to see clearly how to change and improve things.

Drawing on many years of experience, Gen Ani will share timeless methods and meditations to help us improve every challenging relationship we are experiencing.

Through meditation we have the opportunity to deeply understand the other person as well as seeing ourself completely differently. This change in perspective not only improves our relationships but is essential for making real inner, spiritual progress and actually improving ourselves.

In this way we can solve our difficult relationships, learn how to become more tolerant and accepting, feel more empathy and easily develop love and respect for others. This makes difficult relationships so valuable, we become grateful we have them!