Sunday Meditation Workshops

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About Our Meditation Workshops

Our monthly half-day courses at the Centre are packed with practical wisdom and include the opportunity to receive teachings from a qualified teacher and contemplate and meditate on these instructions. Each month a different topic is explained. Courses cover topics such as: Overcoming Anxiety, Building Self Esteem, Breaking Bad Habits and Love Without Pain.

Our peaceful meditation space provides conducive conditions for inner peace and relaxation. You will feel like you are able to disengage from daily activities for a short time and really get away from it all. Half-day courses will give you the strength, confidence and tools you need to face the challenges of every day life with more patience, peace and perspective. The added bonus of attending a half-day course is the opportunity to interact with people who are also trying to put these teachings into practice. We have a book shop where you can purchase meditation resources such as guided meditation CDs and meditation handbooks that explain how to practice Buddhist teachings in daily life.

Getting To The Centre

Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Centre is located in the beautiful West Burleigh village.  Public transport services the area from Stocklands Shopping Centre.  Parking in the area is limited during the day and on Sundays, is very busy, so please allow enough time to find parking. Please arrive at the Centre no later than 9.55am so that we can begin on time.


If you are considering using public transport, options can be found by clicking the button below.

Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Centre